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Our Services

With over 20 years experience treating athletes both competitive and casual, the number one driver for us is when patients return pain free with freedom of movement again.

Professional medical pedicure procedure

General Care

Nail and skin conditions such as

  • callous and corns

  • blisters

  • interdigital corns

  • fungal skin and nail conditions

  • thickened nails

  • cracked heels

  • verrucae

Pre/Post-surgical foot care


Diabetes related foot assessment, monitoring and treatment

Pain in the foot. Massage of female feet


Foot or leg pain such as

  • shin pain

  • heel pain

  • achillies and calf pathology

  • knee pain

  • forefoot pain such as neuromas, stress fractures, nerve entrapment

  • ankle instability

  • pain from arthridities

  • leg length discrepancies

Digital gait analysis, 3D scanning and 3D printed orthotic options

Prescription of custom made and pre-fabricated orthoses 

Footwear advice, modification and orthotic friendly footwear

Podology treatment. Podiatrist treating


Surgical correction of

  • ingrown toenails 

  • stubborn verrucae

We use the latest and best practice, non-suture techniques and cauterise growth centers for long term resolution

anatomy lesson on child â?? comparison


Nail and skin conditions

Verrucae treatment using gentle and pain free solutions

Gait related issues such as in toeing, toe walking and flat feet

Growing pains such as

  • severs heel

  • reluctance to walk and participate in activity

  • pain at night

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Other Services

  • Wheelchair accessibility with the option of caring for your feet while remaining in your chair for treatment

  • Provide referrals to allied health professionals when necessary, such as an orthopedic surgeon, rheumatologist, physiotherapist, osteopath, acupuncturist, chiropractor, homeopath, or any other necessary health professional

  • Liaise with footwear suppliers to get the best shoe for your activity

  • Refer for x-ray and ultrasound when indicated

  • ACC registered with subsidised payment required