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Arch Support Jandals

Archies Arch Support Jandals look just like ‘normal’ jandals, yet provide the same amount of support as a typical orthotic. Our Patented Specialised Memory Foam Footbed not only moulds and conforms to the shape of your foot, but cradles and supports your arches. This puts your feet in the best biomechanical position possible. Improved postural alignment in combination with a tighter strap leads to improved lower limb mechanics, ultimately resulting in less energy exertion, effortless walking, speedier athletic recovery and overall healthier feet!


Check out the features and benefits below to see what makes Archies so good!

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Specialised Material Moulds to your feet

Our specialised closed cell foam material is formulated to mould to your foot. Once it does you’ll never want to take your Archies off!

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