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Warrant of fitness

Unlike the tyres on your car, your feet are with you for the long haul. They are fundamental.

The body is a dynamic functional motor and if the foundation is not balanced, the impact can resound throughout the body.

We not only look at the foot and lower limb function but our state-of-the-art gait analysis system takes into account the total body as a functioning unit. It is important to view the body as a whole, a linking chain if you like.

We will look to problem solve, perfect and peak your performance with a holistic approach.

Amazingly there are many aspects of your feet which tell us a story and as holistic practitioners it's our to job to establish what those aspects are and how we can help.

Often patients will come in for their annual WOF-corns, callous, thickened toenails. Our expertise is seeing beyond what the eye can see. It is a series of compensations which results in the callous and corns to build up in the first instance. When we mention this to patients, more often than not it descends into conversations around past injuries, perhaps broken bones as a youngster, a particular sporting interest favoring one side of the body, family medical history, lower limb joint replacements, and/or a raft of other topics. All of which tell a story which can unravel the 'why' of the callous, corn or thickened nails.

So if you come in for your WOF, it's highly likely you will leave with a bunch of facts about how your body moves throughout your gait cycle and give some solutions to fixing the problem if necessary.

It's our passion to allow you freedom of movement without pain or discomfort doing what you love, when you want to.

Book in for your feet WOF today!!

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