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How is your relationship with your feet? Send them good vibes!

There are are many reasons why people suffer embarrassment about their feet. Let’s face it, feet don’t feature up there in the top 10 most loved body parts! However, like each part of your body, feet need care and attention and can suffer some unruly conditions. Lucky for you, Podiatrists get a kick out of making your feet look great again.

You may be tempted to put socks and shoes on and forget there is a problem. Keeping these problems in secret WILL make them get worse and harder to deal with later.

Instead of keeping any foot problems hidden, love the skin you’re in and get them seen to. There’s really no need to feel embarrassed, foot problems are far more common than you think. Last week my kids asked me what are the worst feet I’ve ever seen? The interesting thing is that I was unable to answer the question. I don’t keep a log of good, bad or indifferent feet in my mind, and I replied just that. I did mention that I have seen a few feet in the past where the person has been unable to cut their nails in a long time and the nails had grown over and back into the skin. But what I remember about these patients is the joy, relief and pleasure they get after seeing and feeling the end result.

At Foot Worthy Podiatry our number one priority is that people come into a welcoming, nurturing, non-judgmental environment where you feel at ease. It’s that kind relationship which creates the best outcome for the patient.

Around 25% of the population suffer from a fungal nail infection at any given time. This common foot problem makes nails thick, yellowish and crumbly. The best news I deliver in my clinic on a very regular basis is that a nail that appears fungal is not always that. In fact, very often these unsightly looking nails are linked to runners, tramper’s and people who have suffered trauma to the nail. It is crucial to get the diagnosis of a fungal infection from laboratory testing before any treatment is embarked on.

Verrucae (also known as verruca's) are another highly contagious, common foot complaint. HPV, the virus that causes these unpleasant warts, spreads so easily that people can catch it simply by walking barefoot over the same floor as someone who’s already infected. That’s why school changing rooms, public swimming pools and gyms can be verruca hotspots. This is another condition that can appear as a corn and frequently there is a misdiagnosis made. There are some very straight forward diagnostic tools Podiatrists use which then determine the course of appropriate treatment.

Another common foot problem is, believe it or not, having something stuck in your foot. This can go on to cause an infection, a build-up of callous tissue and severe pain. The most common foreign body I remove is hair, which still astounds me. They manage to find a way to embed themselves deep within the layers of the skin horizontally! I have a number of hairdressers who are regular patients.

Have you ever seen a beautifully made up person from head to……........

I’m not going to say (foot) as they are often forgotten!

Cracked heels can be unsightly but also extremely painful. Podiatrists can make an instant difference to the look and feel of these and give some tips and tricks to help with maintenance of these,

particularly through the beautiful,

beachy summer months.

All our consultations, take place in a modern, safe, clean environment where our standard of care is up to date and meets all the professional standards. We take pride in our continued professional development program which we continue to learn and practice the latest research-based techniques.

I look forward to helping you develop a relationship with your feet that enables you to be kind and thankful for the many miles they tread for you. Send them good vibes only and be grateful!

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